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Noyes Family History

The Noyes family was influential in their missionary work in China and their religious work in the United States. The family resided in Seville, Ohio beginning in 1840 with family hailing from Massachusetts and elsewhere in the New England area, including New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. They were heavily involved with the Presbyterian Church, with Reverend Varnum Noyes, the patriarch of the family, being the first minister of the Presbyterian Church in Seville. In addition to his religious work, Harriet, Henry, and Martha were all missionaries in Guangzhou, China in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. 

This page highlights the individuals who played an important role in Harriet Noyes’ life, including her siblings who also worked as missionaries in China. Family and religion were key players for the Noyes family, with education also playing an important role. Despite the large size of the family and the numerous sisters, every Noyes sibling knew how to read and write with the utmost proficiency. This exhibition also explains the connections between several of the individuals referenced throughout the letters and other correspondences in the collection. 

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