Letter from H.V. Noyes to Father, July 3, 1874


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Letter from H.V. Noyes to Father, July 3, 1874


Birthdays; Missionaries; Households; Councils and synods; Cost; Chapels


Henry writes to his father about how they happened to have a social evening in the house where he was staying that they thought to be a celebration of his father's birthday. The last time the "social" met was for Hattie's birthday last year. Henry has been thinking about going to the synod. The board will be going over expenses and deciding who will be going. Henry does not think that anyone will be going home except Dr. Happer. Henry will be going to San-Ui and will be there for about a week and plans on going to synod right when he gets back. He is also going to Chefoo and wants to go to Peking but does not think that will happen. Their Chinese teacher wants to go home with them and study for two to three years at Wooster.


Noyes, Henry Varnum


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Canton July 3d 1874
My dear Father
I intended to have
at least commenced this letter
on your birth day but I got my
light blown out too quick and
so went to bed. We did not for-
get the day. It so happened that
the "Social Evening" as we call
it met at our house that eve-
ning and we ourselves thought of
this as a celebration of your
birth day. I do not know that
many of the missionaries knew it
although one of them when he came
mentioned it to me and expressed
his best wishes for you. The good
Archdeacon Gray (of pic-nic fame)
had a toast all ready to present for
you after the exercises of the evening
were through, but it was late when

they were through and the com-
pany broke up so abruptly that
he did not get it done.
The only time the "Social" [--met--] met
here before was on Hattie's birth
day last year. We had a
good household then and also on
last evening. I understand that
people enjoyed themselves generally.
I am thinking [--now--]
considerably now days about going
[--th--] to Synod. We shall hear to-day
I presume what the Board de-
cides upon about paying the
expenses of those who go. I sup-
pose they will pay them or at least
in part. I don't think any one
else will go home here except Dr
Happer who I presume will. I
am going to San-Ui next Tuesday
to be gone about a week and
when I get back from there expect

to get off to Synod by the
first opportunity. I presume I
shall be gone nearly 2 1/2 months
as I want to visit some of
the other stations up there besides
Chefoo. I would like to go to
Peking but hardly expect to get
that accomplished.
We are all getting
along very fairly this summer.
Mattie will have to be careful.
She has'nt the strength of con-
stitution that Hattie has and if
she does too much gets very
tired. Miss Crouch seems to
stand the climate excellently and
I should think would have firm
I presume we have
written to you that Dr Ellinwood
is expected out here this fall.
We shall find out his views about
our coming home in 1876.

They are getting up the belfry
on our new chapel and
will have it all finished in
a few weeks. It will be
a great improvement on our
old place of meeting.
I have just been
writing a long letter to Dr Taylor
about our Chinese teacher. He wants
to go home with us and study 2 or
3 years. I am in hopes some ar-
rangement can be made by which he
may be at Wooster. He left us
2 months ago to be engaged in
the Foreign News department of the
"Chinese Mail" the only daily paper pub-
lished in Chinese that I know of. He
gets $35 per month. With us he only
get $10. If he was a christian, I
do not know a Chinaman that it
seems would be better qualified to do
goods. With very much love to all
Your aff Son
H.V. Noyes

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Noyes, Henry Varnum, “Letter from H.V. Noyes to Father, July 3, 1874,” Letters from Harriet Noyes: Missionaries and Women's Education in Nineteenth Century China, accessed May 25, 2024, https://noyesletters.org/items/show/1001.

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