Letter from Mattie to Edward, October 30, 1887


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Letter from Mattie to Edward, October 30, 1887


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Mattie tells Edward that she was relieved to hear that their father is doing better. Mattie believes that her father must be very pleased with Edward being an officier in his church. Charles Elliot did not return to Wooster probably because of a lack of funds. The end of the letter is addressed to her mother. Mattie says that people, including herself, think that Henry is an incredible preacher.


Kerr, Martha Noyes


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Oct 30th 1887

My dear Edward -
Your last letter
written just after you
had been to Presbytery came
yesterday morning. They
were brought into the parlor
by our table boy who is
a new one. He does not
steps very lightly and as we
were leaving worship and the
Dr was praying I looked up
to see what had happened
There he stood with his
hands full of letters and
papers and the Dr who had
opened his eyes was mo-
tioning to him to leave
I added my warning
gesture and he disappeared
[?bearing?] away his precious
burden. You may be sure

the first thing done after
prayers was to sit down and
partake of the feast. I was
intensely relieved to find
Father was better in fact much
better. It did seem so
nice he could be in the
Presbytery where you first went
as an [illegible]. I know it must
be an intense pleasure
to him to have you an
officier in his church - the one
under God of his own [illegible]-
ing. And it is very nice that
you have a minister so
after your own heart. No
doubt you can keep him
unless his health becomes
so restored that he can under
take larger responsibilities
But you know Mr [?Bar?] re-
mained in Jackson all his
life and he was a very able

man. I appreciated so much
the almost immediate reply
he made to my letter did
not expect it at all but felt
I would like to write to him
One of the girls wrote that
Charles Elliott did not return
to Wooster and [illegible] the
possibility it might be for lack
of funds. I always felt it quite
possible that Calvin Elliot
might die a poor man. As far
as the son is concerned it will
not hurt him to plan and
economise some. It is a bright
beautiful Sabbath morning
and the two Drs. are making
their hospital rounds. I went
down at half past five to see
if my presence and assistance
would not result in rather
a better cup of coffee for these
[illegible] than the boys were
able to make. They do as well

as they can but are both young
When I came up stairs and saw
your letters on the table felt
like writing a little.
I suppose you have just con
cluded that Sabbath school Con
vention I remember so well when
he Mr [?Pond?] was at Seville and [--Clara's--]Em's
and my visit to Wellington
We will find a more quiet house
hold than when there before.
Dear little Mother I remem
ber just how she looked when
he was saying good bye .It was
such a disappointment to find
that Sarah did not remain at
home this year was depending
upon her doing so. At this distance
it seems hard to see how she
could leave. Am sure I would
be willing to live on as [u]little[/u] as
I [u]possibly could[/u] for the sake of being
in the [u]old home[/u] a year. It seems
Henry will get home on the

[Note: Letter concludes sideways on page one]
Centennial year all around. He was [u]down[/u] and I was [u]up[/u]
yesterday just think of that. We exchanged letters and papers
& he was here to
tea and evening
prayers. We come
now every sab af-
ternoon after he
is through with
his schoolwork
Every body likes
him .I told you
about his preach
in at a moment's
notice. People are
lost in wonder at
the result. I never
heard him preach
better. He seems
about perfect to me,
and every body else
for that matter.
I begin to [illegible] I
belong to a pretty good
family and the Dr
thinks so too. He is about as good as people generally
get. With lots of love Mattie

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Kerr, Martha Noyes, “Letter from Mattie to Edward, October 30, 1887,” Letters from Harriet Noyes: Missionaries and Women's Education in Nineteenth Century China, accessed August 15, 2022, https://noyesletters.org/items/show/1010.

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