Letter from Father to Varnum Noyes, June 14, 1831


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Letter from Father to Varnum Noyes, June 14, 1831


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In this letter to his son, Deacon Josiah Noyes sends along a referral regarding Varnum's standing in the church and relays information about various congregations, as well as the temperance movement. Josiah continues by inquiring about his son's plans and his fears surrounding those without religion.


Noyes, Josiah


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Westmoreland June 14 1831
I hereby certify that the Bearer Mr Varnum Noyes, is a
member of "the Old Congregational Church" in their town, in full
and regular standing; and as such, he is affectionately recommend-
-ed to the fellowship of the churches, wherever God in his Providence
may call him to reside.
Otis [?E?]. Whiton Pastor of the "Old
Congeg. Church Westmoreland N.H.
My Dear Sir
Above you perceive the certificate of your standing
in our church. This would have been forwarded to you [u]sooner[/u], but
for some circumstances, which were out of my control. I hope,
however, you will now receive it soon enough to answer every
purpose. Nothing very special, has occurred among us, since
you left, that I know of. Your father's & brother's family were well
a day or two since. Mrs Brewster, our near neighbor (wife of Edward
Brewster) has been very sick for three or four weeks; for some of the
time, we have [u]despaired[/u] of her recovery; She is rather [u]more comfortable[/u],
though still feeble, and we are not without some hope, that
she may recover, still it is somewhat [u]uncertain[/u].
The temperance Society at their meeting in May voted to
celebrate the 4th of July + chose a Committee to make the neccessary

arrangements. The Committee agreed to meet at the new meeting
house + to request Mr [?Barstan?] to deliver an address. Or [illegible] as it was
publicly known, that the [u]friends of temperance[/u] were going to notice
the day; Some [u]Anti temperance[/u] persons in the South Society at
[?on a?] determined to [u]oppose[/u] them + if [u]practicable, drive[/u] them from
the meeting house. The leaders of the opposition are probably Capt
Lord, Mr Gleasan + some others. How the business will end; which party
will carry the day + have the brick house, I know not. It is an
unpleasant affair + no Doubt was gotten up purposely to break up
the Celebration of the "[u]Cold water society[/u]."
Nothing interesting among us in a religious point of view.
Today a protracted meeting of 4 days commences in Brattleboro' in
Mr McGee's church, where is quite an interesting state of things in
a religious view. Next week a four days meeting is to be held in
Nelson. Mr [?Esty's?] son Isaac is dismissed from Cape Elizabeth on
[u]account[/u] of ill health + the opposition to the temperance reform. He
will probably return to this place; relinquish preaching + go on to
one of his father's farms.
I perceived from your letter, that you had rather a [u]disastrous[/u]
journey to Medway - I hope ere this, you have recovered from the
affects of it + are now [u]well[/u] + able to perform your duty.
Do you expect to be ordained as an Evangelist soon + take
a mission to the west? Or do you find employment enough in

[Note: page torn on the bottom and throughout]
New England?
Will you have the goodness to write me as soon as you
receive this? I shall feel interested to learn which way you direct your
[?steps?], whether [u]east[/u] or [u]west[/u], or whether you find employment
about home. I suppose it could be agreeable to your [u]parents[/u] +
[u]friends[/u], if you could [?would?] be located [u]near[/u] them. Still I trust, they
feel willing that you should [illegible] it yourself to the direction
of Providence + go where [u]duty[/u] calls.
The state of religion continues as interesting in Chesterfield as
it has been- Rev [?Broughton?] White, I learn, is going to [illegible]
where he expects[?to be?] located perhaps during life, for this I am
glad. There is nothing interesting among me people. Our Sabbath
school has commenced under encouraging circumstances + also a bible class.
Still there is too [u]much indifference[/u] not only as to [u]religion[/u] but the
[u]interests of the Society[/u] among some of our [u]first men[/u] which I fear
may lead to unhappy results.
Let me hear from you before long + write particularly
P.S. as I have
can cut it

Westmoreland N.H. 12
June 15
Mr Varnum Noyes
Medway Mass

Father's letter from the
Westmoreland church

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Noyes, Josiah, “Letter from Father to Varnum Noyes, June 14, 1831,” Letters from Harriet Noyes: Missionaries and Women's Education in Nineteenth Century China, accessed August 15, 2022, https://noyesletters.org/items/show/1052.

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