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This newspaper clipping recounts the life of Lois Walker Noyes. Mrs. Noyes was a devotedly religious woman, her faith only furthered by her marriage to Varnum, a reverend at a Presbyterian Church. She is described as a "helpmeet," or a helpful companion or partner as outlined in the Bible.




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OBITUARY. [Note: Lois written in blue pen]
The funeral services of Mrs. Noyes
took place at the Presbyterian church
on Sabbath afternoon last in the pres-
ence of a large assemblage of neighbors
and friends. Rev. J. C. Elliott, of
Rittman, officiated. The following is
the obituary which was read during
the services:
Mrs Lois Walker Noyes was born
in Medway, Mass., August 6, 1810.
She received her education at Brook-
field, at that time an excellent school
for girls. At the age of 17 she made
a profession of her faith in Christ and
united with the 2nd Congregational
church of Medway, and for a number
of years taught in the Sabbath School.
It was in this work she formed the
acquaintance of the young man, Mr.
Noyes, the minister's student of theol-
ogy, according to the old custom, and
preparing himself for the full work of
the ministry. When his studies were
completed and he had come to Guilford
and definitely determined to settle
here, according to an arrangement
previously made, she and her father
came from the east to her sister's, then
living in Wadsworth, where she be-
came the wife of the Rev. Varnum
Noyes, June 17, 1833, with whom she
came to Guilford and united with this
While living in a cabin, as most of
the settlers were, she was visited by
her father in 1835 who encourages
Mr. Noyes and assisted in building
the house in which she died. It was
at the time one of the best in these
parts and has been a land-mark for
over 50 years.
She was the mother of four sons and
six daughters. One son died at the
age of 8 years at Medway, Mass.
Nine lived to fill their places in the
Church and in the world, for all pro-
fessed their faith in Christ. Two
daughters and one son have for years
been engaged in mission work in China.
One son-Frank-died in a blessed
hope at the age of 37. Eight still live
to be useful, and to comfort and stay
the feeble steps of their aged father.
Mrs Noyes was a faithful wife, a
helpmeet indeed. She loved and rev-
erenced her husband. She rejoiced in
the love and honor bestowed upon
him, and felt any slight or want of
respect to him as keenly, or more
keenly, than neglect of herself. She
was devoted to her children and gave
her strength to them from early child-
hood until their education was com-
pleted. Quietly she worked, late in
the still night, to make them comfort-
able, or to get them ready for another
term of school. She was forgetful of
self, finding her joy in the happiness
of her husband, her children and her
friends, entering into their plans and
yielding her own wishes to gratify and
please them. Her consecration and
devotion to the kingdom of God was
also of a most unassuming, retiring
mourner. Taught in her childhood
and accustomed so long to act a re-
tired and quiet part, she did not come,
perhaps, into full sympathy with the
public, active and aggressive party wo-
man is now taking in the Church; but
she devoted her children to God; she
trained them up in his fear; she was
ready to give them up at his call, and
wave them adieu as they left their
home for distant fields of work, and
then in quiet of her own closet
thanked God for the privilege of hav-
ing her children useful servants in the
Master's kingdom. For fifty years
and more she has been in this com-
munity a faithful wife and mother,
and a friend and helper in every good
thing. She has done what she could.
She has been adorned with good
The funeral services were largely
attended, and her remains were laid at
rest in Mound Hill Cemetery.

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Unknown, “Obituary for Lois Walker Noyes,” Letters from Harriet Noyes: Missionaries and Women's Education in Nineteenth Century China, accessed August 15, 2022,

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