Section of Sermon by H V Noyes, May 28, 1882


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Section of Sermon by H V Noyes, May 28, 1882


Angels; Devil; Bible; Preaching; Christianity; God; Conversion; Idolatry


This paper begins in the middle of a sermon, but Henry appears to be arguing for the fact that Christianity is true, useful, and good. He also claims that God and Christianity are the true paths one turns to in times of strife. Henry goes onto discuss the miracle of the Bible and how it was written over years and distant lands but is united in its material and beliefs. This, he believes, is a testament to its power and continues by describing how it has spread across the world, converting "heathen idolaters." He concludes by writing about angels and the battle between Satan and Christ. He quotes portions of Psalms, Acts, Luke, Matthews, and Hebrews.


Noyes, Henry Varnum


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or would even to any considerable extent [u]sustain[/u] such papers they would speedily [--s--]
sprint into existence. But as a matter of fact those papers or periodicals that desire to
undermine Christianity usually think it [?nice?] to veil their designs. All of which gets to show
that the inner thought of the hearts of the people is that the christian religion is true and
[u]useful[/u]and [u]good[/u] -- Take some other illustrations. I believe and I presume am
far from alone in believing, that it is the well known [u]christian character[/u] of the Queen
of England, more than anything else, that calls forth for her the world's esteem, and binds
her subjects in such constant fealty to herself, her interests and her throne. May she long
live and for many more returning years receive the grateful tribute of a living people
--- I believe, and I presume am far from alone in believing, that when the late Pres-
ident of the United States stricken by unblessed hands, passed at length the blessed
experiences of the eternal world, the warm tribute of admiration which came from millions
upon millions of the human race, was not so much a tribute to his [u]ability[/u] although he was
able, was not so much a tribute to his [u]scholarship[/u] although he was scholarly, was not
so much a tribute to his [u]statesmanship[/u] although he was a statesmen as it was a tribute
to his [u]honest christian life[/u]. -- I believe and presume I am far from alone in be-
lieving, that you might take almost any man you please from a christian land and
acquainted with christian truthl let him be wild and reckless if you like, let him
be one that mocks at sin, and in the presence of his fellow men turns sacred things
into ridicule - but take him away from the presence of his fellow men yet still
in the presence of his God - Put him in a lone boat on the wide ocean when
no human eye beholds him, and let an uncertain fate hang over him and
whether the wild storm is sweeping by, or the blue sky is bending above, and the silent
stars shining upon him - I believe that man will [u]instinctively[/u] call upon God
and that in the [?inmost?] depths of his soul he will feel that [u]infinitely[/u] preferable to
shutting his eyes and going blindly down into those blue depths careless of a God
a resurrection, or a judgement day, would it be to have the christian's hope, to look up
and feel that a God of infinite power, and of infinite love, who gathers the winds
in his fists, and guides the stare, that that God was his friend and his portion for-
ever. When can you find the man who under such circumstances
would pray "Let me die the death of the [u]"wicked"[/u] and let my last End be
like his"? -- [u]Unquestionably the silent testimony of the human conscience
is with us[/u] ---
[u]The silent influence of God's reveled truth is with us[/u]
A wonderful book is this old Bible which we read, old and yet forever new,
read with fresh interest for the thirtieth, or the fiftieth, or the one-hundredth time
and still creating with every reading a desire to read it more; written at first in
languages long since [u]dead[/u], and yet translated into nearly all the living languages
of the world, carrying [u]within itself[/u] the evidence that it was Divinely inspired.
For how else can we account for the fact that this book written in detached portions
during a period of fifteen hundred years, written by men of various occupations
by kings, and prophets, and poets, and shepherds, and fishermen should have one
connected plan running through the whole. I could not have been by and con-
certed action of the writers themselves, for [?they wrote?] in countries far apart, and wrote
in times too remote from each other. And yet the book is a [u]unit[/u]. As the history
of the world gathers around its history, so all its history, and its prophecy, and
its teachings gather around one common country, one subject [?as?] around one
person. They are all in some way connected with the birth, the life, the death,
the resurrection, the ascension, the second appearing and the eternal kingdom
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is the thread that runs through it all and
binds it all together. And its [--revelations + its history--] history + its revelations reach from the
beginning to the end of time. Its prophecies and its histories agree, and all
[Note: page folded, one line obstructed] [?and one plan?]
in the whole, fitting together like the wheels of a watch and keeping the per-
fect time of the world, yes the perfect time of the world for so far as human
history has yet transpired that history moves in perfect harmony with Bible
prophecy. To deny that such a book came by Divine inspiration requires a
credulity inconceivable. You might as well hold up a watch and say that
it all came by accident - that one wheel was found in Egypt a thousand
years ago, another, made by some one else, was found in Syria, a hundred
years later, and then another in Persian, and another in India, and another in China,
and another in Japan, and so on, and at last these wheels were brought together,
and by sheerest accident, it happened that they fit exactly and would move upon
each other so as to measure accurately the seconds and minutes and hours of
the day. You might just as well say that, as to say that no Divine inspiration
guided the writers of the books of the Bible--- Now this old book, this wonder-
ful book has exerted and is still exerting a quiet and yet a tremendous
influence in the world. Far beyond what is [u]seen[/u] like the hidden [?lesson?] [?to?] as
leavening the whole lump. It is quietly read by millions upon millions of the human
race. It is the choicest family treasure of thousands upon thousands of homes, and
far more perhaps then we realize in Christian lands, it guides the enactment
and administration of law. It brings blessing and only blessing whenever it
comes. And one of the most wonderful things about it is [u]how it lives[/u]
notwithstanding the most malignant, and most persistent attempts to destroy it "of
old, they tried to turn it out of the world. As one writer says "Antiochus left no means
untried to destroy every copy of the Old Testament his edict made it death for a
Jew to possess or conceal a copy. So did Diodesian and other Roman emperors
respecting the manuscripts of the whole Bible. Yet it has not only not persisted, but it
cannot be shown that even one sentence has been lost." When the first edition
of the New Testament was printed in English the [illegible] Bishop of London ordered the
whole edition bought up and publicly burned, and yet it sprung up with new
life from its ashes and multiplied immensely. Failing to burn it out of the world, [?more?]
have made and are still making frantic efforts to [--destroy it--] bring upon it discredit
and doubt. And yet the wonderful old Book still lives: [u][?lives?][/u] and goes on its quiet
blessed way, convincing men of sin, leading them to repentance and a better life,
comforting them in their hours of sorrow, and making dying beds radiant with the
hopes of heaven. There was never, it is safe to say, a time in this world's history
upon so many bibles were in existence as are in existence to day there was never
it is safe to say, a time in this worlds history, when the bible was read and studied as
it is read and studied to day. The attention that is being paid to the Bible is one of
the marked events of our time ---- In addition to all this we say further,
that judging not by the [u]unseen[/u], but by the seen, nothing humanly speaking is more pos0
itively certain than that the time is rapidly hastening on when this Bible will be
circulated in all the world. Up to the time of the invention of printing it was im-
possible to multiply copies with rapidity. In the time of Edward I [?A?] to 1250 it re-
quired the earnings of a day laborer for fiteen years, to purchase a manuscript
copy of the entire Bible. Now they are easily and cheaply multiplied by the million.
The book has been translated into nearly all the languages of the world, and every year
its circulation is increasing. Since the issue of the New Revision of the New Testament
less than a year 2 500 000 copies have been sold in Great Britain and Indian and
doubtless something like the same number in the United States, and so the work will
go on until the world has [u]thee[/u] Bible. What has the Bible already accomplished in
lands when it has been thoroughly circulated? We must not forget that the

ancestors of those who live in these lands were heathen idolaters just as de-
graded as are heathen idolaters now. Now what has the Bible done? We cannot re-
count all. But it has done at least this. It has swept away every vestige of idolatry
it has made sacred the family relation and lifted woman from a condition of great deg-
radation to a position of honor and usefulness and happiness; it has, to a very great
extent guarantied justice in the [?framing?] and administration of law; it had secured to
a very great degree the outward observance of the Sabbath, which even asa day
of physical rest only is a great boon to mankind; it had been the means of the
establishment of churches in every city and town and hamlet, when on each re-
turning week its blessed truths may be publicly proclaimed; it has been a large
factor in the influences which have established and keep in operation schools and
colleges and universities.-- in fact it has been the [u]very foundation stone[/u] upon
which [u]christian civilization has been built[/u]; and beyond all this it has lifted
the dark veil that shut out the eternal world and let the shining glory
of heaven beam upon the earth. Now when we say that we rely upon
the regenerating power of God's word to redeem the heathen nations from super-
stition and idolatry, we are only stating the [u]reasonable[/u] belief that what
the Bible [u]has[/u] accomplished when it has been already read, that it is des-
tined to accomplish when it still remains to be read - [u]The quiet but
unbounded influence of God's revealed truth is with us[/u].
[u]Countless hosts of unseen angels are with us.[/u]
Angels take part with God in [?carrying?] out his plans of mercy.
These holy beings are [u]numerous[/u]. Paul speaks of them as [u]innumerable[/u] see
Heb 12:22 But yet are come unto mountZion and unto the city of the
living God, the heavenly Jerusalem and to an [u]innumerable[/u] company of
angels."--- They are [u]powerful[/u]. They are spoken of in the 103 Psalm as
"[u]Excelling in strength[/u]" and in the 2d chapter of 2d Peter as "[u]great in power and might[/u]"
These angels as the name implies are God's [u]messengers[/u] "They do his command-
ments hearkening unto the voice of his word". He employs them to protect and
minister to his people in the world. We find constant instances of this in
the Old Testament history. The fiery horses and chariots, that surrounded Elisha are
are supposed, and no doubt rightly, to have been an attending host of angels, for
we find in the Bible chariots and angels connected together as Psalms 68:17" The
chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels" Christ himself says
Matt 18:10 "take heed that ye despise not one of these little one; for I say unto you
that in heaven their [u]angels[/u] do always behold the face of my Father which is in
heaven." Are they not" (as St Paul says Heb 1:15) "All ministering spirits sent
forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?"--- They are
[u]intensely interested in the salvation of men[/u]. They came to announce Christ's com-
ing singing joyfully this song of praise "Glory to God in the highest and on
earth peace, good will toward men" See also Luke 15:10 "Likewise I say unto
you there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner
that repenteth.--- They are employed by God in [u]carrying on his work[/u]
in the world. They were present when the law was given to Moses on Mount
Sinai In Ps 68:17 "The Lord is among them" (the angels just mentioned) as in Sinai
in the holy place. Stephen refers in Acts 7:53 to the law as having been received
"by the disposition of angels"-- An [u]angel[/u] made known the fact that Christ had
risen, An [u]angel[/u] directed Cornelius to send for Peter by means of whose
preaching himself and his friends became acquainted with and accepted
the gospel. An angel sent Philip to preach to the Ethiopian eunuch, An angel
opened the prison doors to give Peter deliverance, and when [?Lazarus?] died he
was carried by [u]angels[/u] into Abraham's bosom. We all know what a prominent part
they are represented as appointed to take in those great events referred to in the book
of Revelation, and they are represented as being with Christ at his second coming
Matt 8:38 "Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words, in this
adulterous and sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed
when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels" and are also
present at the final judgment Matt 25:31 "When the Son of Man shall come
in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit on the
throne of his glory, and before him shall be gayjer all nations +c". We
are not mistaken then in saying that in the establishment of the kingdom of
heaven on Earth [u]the unseen hosts of angels are with us[/u]
[u]The unseen, but always present, the compotent and eternal God is with us[/u]
We can say to the evening as did David to the Philistine giant "We come to
thee in the name of the Lord of hosts, Oh God of the armies of Israel whom thou hast
defied" The Kingdom is his and he leads his own hosts to conflict and to
ultimate victory. Here is the real source of our strength and the foundation of
our hope. And this is the final question - Shall a kingdom of [u]darkness[/u] prevail
against the kindom of [u]light[/u]? shall a kingdom of [u]shame[/u] prevail against the king-
dom of [u]glory[/u]? shall the kingdom of [u]hell[/u] prevail against the Kingdom of [u]heaven[/u]?
Shall the kingdom of [u]Satan[/u] prevail against the Kingdom of [u]God[/u]? No sure-
ly if truth and righteousness are anything more than a name. Not surely
if there is an all-wise and all-powerful Governor of the Universe. As
sure as He exists, so sure is it that he setting up a Kingdom which shall
[u]never[/u] be destroyed. He that "spared not his own Son but freely delivered him
up for us all" he that has sent his Holy Spirit to convince the worldof sin
of righteousness and of judgement will not be foiled in this determined purpose
He will overturn and overturn until the kingdoms of this world are become the
kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ" The time is hastening on when His angel clothed
with power, shall lay hold on the dragon that old serpent, which is the Devil and
Satan and bind him for a thousand years and set a seal upon him, that he
shall deceive the nations no more till the thousand years be fulfilled. Whether
this means a literal thousand or each day represents a year as in some other
prohpecies, when the thousand years are expired Satan shall be loosed for a season
and then cometh the End, the final resurrection, the dead small and great shall
stand before God, and be judged according to their works, the first heaven +
the first earth shall pass away, and then shall come forth a new heaven and
a new earth wherein [u]only[/u] righteousness shall dwell [u]forever[/u] and [u]forever more[/u].
Thus do we claim and [u]boldly[/u] claim that [u]they that be with us are more than
they that be with them[/u]-- The Captain of our Salvation, made perfect through suf-
fering, bears aloft a standard that shall never be be [--f--] borne down by any combination of foes,
that standard is a [u]cross[/u], despised, at first, and stained with blood, but the very blood
that stained it, by a wonderful transformation, made it [u]bright[/u] with undying glory[/u]
and gave it a name of [u]immortal renown[/u]. And whosoever shall [u]say[/u] or [u]think[/u]
that in following such leadership, and allied with such powers, our hopes are without foundation and
our efforts pointless, for him we will pray as the prophet Elisha prayed for his servant "[u]Lord
open his eyes that he may see[/u]" preached at Canton May 28th 1882 H V Noyes

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