Letter from Harriet to Mary, March 31, 1884


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Letter from Harriet to Mary, March 31, 1884


Children of missionaries; Birthdays; Older people in missionary work; Dresses; Eye--Diseases


Harriet wishes Mary a happy birthday. Dr. Ashmore's eyes are better. Next week, the conference will be held in Canton. Harriet tells Mary that Dr. Graves reads the paper "Some preventible hindrances to Mission Work". Harriet met Mr. Bennet whose grandparents have been missionaries for 54 years and would like to go back home but they are afraid of such a long journey. Harriet is making dresses and explains that she bought some fabric for a low price.


Noyes, Harriet Newell


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Canton China
March 31st, 1884

My dear Mary -
I have been thinking
about your birthday all
day indeed I quite had
it in mind yesterday that
that was your last of March
until I reckoned, more
correctly. How narrowly
you escaped being an April
fool. Miss Lewis had a
sister who birthday was
the 1st of April. I think I
must play the trick tomorrow
on Miss Lewis and Miss
Butler that you treated us
to when we were at
home "cotton-cakes" I have
just had a letter from
Mrs Ashmore and she
and Miss Norwood are

coming down to make us
a visit next month. It will
be nice to have a visit from
them. They are coming down
to see Mr Partridge and his
motherless little ones started
for America and then
will come up here and
Dr Ashmore will come
for them later. I think
his eyes are quite well
now but it has been very
trying for Mrs Ashmore
to take care of him so
long. We are to have the
conference here this week
It will be a large one I
think about fifty. Dr
Graves reads the paper
"Some preventible hindrances
to Mission Work"- a good
practical subject and he

is well fitted to write on it,
Their new young lady Miss
Young is very nice they all
call her their treasure and
think everything of her.
Her name is Emma and
she makes me thing of our
Em. She was only
twenty two when she came
but has had a birthday since.
I met the other day a
young man Mr Bennett
from the Monocacy whose
grandparents have
been missionaries in
Burmah for [u]fifty four[/u]
years. They would like
to go home now but fear
to undertake such a
long journey He has
obtained leave of absence

and is going down to
see them. I am very
glad the package I sent
so long since reached
you at last. Tell me
what you decide about
the dresses, If you keep
them both you can have
a pair. I will enclose
some bits of dresses I am
making the slate a kind
of Japanese good quite cheap
I got enough for a dress for
$ 1.20. The other is 25 cents
a yard. It is raining and
getting so dark that I can
hardly see. I will enclose
a vast amount of love and
all good wishes for the
year of your life that begins
March 31st 1884 -- Ever
your affectionate sister
Hattie -

中国广东 1884年3月31日 我亲爱的Mary / / 我一整天都在想你的生日。 / 幸好今天是三月的最后一天给你写信, / 没有等到明天, / 这本来就是愚人节的玩笑。 / Lewis小姐的妹妹的生日是4月1日。 / 我要对Lewis小姐和Butler小姐玩愚人节恶作剧。 / 我要对他们玩你在家时对我们玩的把戏, / 我要给他们端上“棉花蛋糕” / 下个月, Norwood小姐和Ashmore小姐会来拜访。 / 会很高兴有她们的访问。 他们来看 Partridge 先生, 他没有母亲的孩子们开始去美国, / 然后她们会来这跟Ashmore医生见面。 / / 他的眼睛终于好了, / 但我觉得他的妻子很难照顾他这么久。 / / 本周, / 我们将在这里举行会议, 将有五十名传教士参加。 / Graves医生将介绍如何预防传教工作中的常见问题 / 这是一个非常实用的主题, / 他非常适合写它。 / 和他们住在一起的年轻女人,Young小姐, 她非常好, 他们称她为他们的宝贝。 因为她的名字叫Emma, 她让我想念Em。 当她到达时, 她只有 22 岁, 但现在她已经 23 岁了。 前几天 我碰到一个来自Monocacy的男人叫Bennett先生, / 她爷爷奶奶在缅甸当传教士54年了。 / 他们想回家, / 但又害怕长途跋涉。 / Bennet先生请了假, 准备去拜访他们。 / 我很高兴我寄给你的包裹终于到了。 / 告诉我你对这些衣服的看法。 / 如果你同时保留它们, / 你就会有一个匹配的套装。 / 我会寄一些我正在做的衣服, 我正在用 $1.20 买的日本面料做一条裙子。 / 另一种面料是 25 美分一码。 下雨天黑了, 以至于我都看不见我写的。 / 我要为你的生日送上这么多的爱和最美好的祝福。 / 1884年3月31日 你的姐姐 Hattie

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