Section of Letter from Martha to Edward


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Section of Letter from Martha to Edward


Friendly visits; Photographs; Clothes; Sewing


Mattie says that she wants to frame the Frank's, Hannah's, and Cynthia's pictures. She says the pictures are greatly admired. She mentions money Henry is sending home. She talks about the Happers coming over for tea and their new sewing woman.


Kerr, Martha Noyes


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seems . We will have it
framed - and want to
put Frank's - Hannah's &
Cynthia's picture, in those
small black frames
Hattie brought and hang
them under it. The
best place seems to be in
the room where I sleep
over a little round
table that stands at the
head of the bed. They
will be almost opposite
the [illegible] like the one
over the mantel in the
parlor at home. It is
such a rest to think of that
little group of three .I know
I shall look at it a great
deal. The one "God bless
our home" Hattie wants
to give to Mrs Chalmers
Now Em I want to

ask a great favor of you.
I would like to have
about 4 spatter work -
pictures -- one for mrs
Talmage of Amoy - one
for Bishop Burdon's wife
Mrs Johnson - and Mrs
Eitel of Hong Kong. They
have all been so kind
to me and are such nice
people. It would be such
a pleasure to give them
to these ladies as "sister
Ems work" and I thought
perhaps you would like
to have them in these
Missionary homes. We
have never seen any
of these pictures in China
and they are greatly
admired {I mean those
Hattie brought} You can
take your time in making
them do not hurry about it

and please use some of that
money Henry sent home
the $49.00 [u]to get materials
do not forget that[/u]. I would
like the [u]Mottoe[/u] for Mrs
Talmage - a cross-like the
one you gave Hattie for
Mrs Burdon - the others
any thing you think best
Hattie says "tell her
to make a dozen or more"
but now use that money
for the purpose or we
shall not [u]forgive you[/u]
Em. you are truly a
genius - like the fairy who
turns every thing she touches
into gold. For the sake
of the family one would
wish you to live to the
age - of the old Israelites.
I do not believe any one
ever had such nice brothers
and sisters as I have

Just at this point we were
interrupted by a call from
Mrs Seman of Shanghai
who is stopping in Canton
for a few days - a very pleas-
ant lady indeed. Dr Happer's
[u]family[/u] are coming over here
to tea this eve. The Canton
party seem to be having
a nice time up north -
Lucy writes in fine Spirits
Three weeks more and we
shall have them back again
I think your new calico
dresses are very pretty indeed
Our sewing woman who
promised to be such a
treasure - has got it into her
mind to study for a
teacher - and really she does
seem to smart for a
sewing woman - but I hope
we can make an arrangement

[Note: Continues sideways on page one]
I am quite well just now can hear nearly all
the classes in the Boarding School -
Your loving sister

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