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Section of Unsigned Letter


Whooping cough; Schools; New Year; Travel; Steamboats; Dysentery


This seems to be a section of a letter in which the author, probably Martha, writes that some scholars are sick with whooping cough. It mentions that the Wilsons and their children are all very sick. The writer received $50 from some ladies so that she could travel.


Kerr, Martha Noyes


Loose, The College of Wooster, Special Collections, Noyes Collection




n. d.


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eng (English); chi (b) (Chinese)





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in having his machine
pattented. I knew it deserved
it but there are so many crooks
and turns in this crooked
world that things seem quite
awry sometimes. And now
shall I take a little look at
Canton. We are within 2
weeks of our vacation which
begins 1 week from next
Tuesday. I have 28 scholars
enrolled of whom 4 are at
home sick with -- Whooping
Cough. The third set in
school are [u]coming down[/u]
with it Tsoi Chau among
the number. I hope the
vacation of 6 weeks will
work a cure which will
last until New Years. One
thing I am quite sure of I
shall not forget at least for
the present the meaning of
[u]"to tung" "Yautseck"[/u] and [?tio?]
[u]ka't,[/u] Notwithstanding so
much [u]M shau yung[/u] ga sz--
the girls have done consiterable

study and we have put in
a [u]squared[/u] term of 6 months
a longer one that we shall
soon have again. I have
2 girls 18 years of age 2-19 and
a nice girl 16 who has just
entered -- have refused [--1--]5 ap-
plications for entrance into
the school and Lucy has said
no to 15. This is the hardest
part of it but there is no help
for it -- The girls here last year
13 I think are doing nicely all
remember Hattie with the
greatest affection and send
their greetings in a body. Lai
Ching the mother of Asau has
written again to Hattie but
if she will put a sentence or
two in to this particular person
when she writes I will make
it all right at this end-- I told
them all about your getting
home and they in consequence
beamed all over. Sabbath
afternoon in our prayer meeting
in school U Smai offered a
special prayer of thanksgiving

for the safe arrival of No [illegible]
son - shang - sinai in America
and she became so affected
she could hardly finish. Mr
Mrs Wilson and family have
been at Dr Happers during
the last two weeks leave in the
morning steamer for Hong
Kong and will go immedi-
ately on board the Great Repub-
lic bound for San Francisco
. They are both very unwell
and the 3 children are in the
same condition - the second
a little boy perhaps 6 years
of age is lying very sick with
dysentery - they feel very anxious
about him and I can not help
fearing he will never see
America. The Children could
not come over here at all
on account of the Whooping
cough neither could they be
left alone much so Mr &
Mrs Wilson have taken turns
in making calls. I do think
they are such nice people
hope they will be able to return
but suppose it is doubtful

They have remained her too
long for their own good or
the good of the Board. Our good
people at home must learn it
is the best economy to mend
while there is something to
mend-- We are looking for
Mr and Mrs Corbett soon.
My ladies send me by the
last mail the value of $50.99
in Currency to be used in
taking a trip if I could make
any arrangment to do so if
not to use it for my own
benefit in some way. Was
it not kind? Now what we
would like to do is to get a
boat invite Miss Whildon &
Miss Bowe to accompany us
and go into the country but
I suppose the good mission-
ary brethren will be in dismay
if we propose such a feat so
I presume we shall not
carry out the wild scene--
We want if we do go to take
an assistant and two bible
women U Sinai and Atsit
If this is not considered

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Kerr, Martha Noyes, “Section of Unsigned Letter,” Letters from Harriet Noyes: Missionaries and Women's Education in Nineteenth Century China, accessed April 18, 2024,

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