Letter from Hattie to Em, April 10, 1871


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Letter from Hattie to Em, April 10, 1871


Scrofula; Health; House construction; Schools; Girls' schools; Teachers; Textile fabrics; Clothing


In this letter to her sister, Emily, Harriet Noyes inquires about her sister's health, including her eyes and thumb. Harriet then discusses her various missionary schools across China. The letter concludes with some lines about clothing and fabric.


Noyes, Harriet Newell


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April 10th '71
My [u]dear Em[/u],
I am so sorry for you
with your weak eyes + sore thumb et cetera
that I think I must write + tell
you so. I wish you could get
something to take that would
take the scrofula all out of your
system. I wonder if you look
just as you did when I came away.
I dont expect you would write if
you had lost a single pound
but perhaps some of the rest will.
I am quite sure you would
make the best [u]Job[/u] in the
family but I wish we might
hear of you as being "[u]real well[/u]"
again, as well as Henry & I
are. If you get any photos taken
you must send us one when we

get Mary's we will have comparatively
new ones from all but Father + Mother
+ Em. Our new house is fairly
under way now expect it will be
finished in August I must
send you a copy of our plan
some of these days we think
it almost perfect. Do you know
I have some hope of going to
Synod next fall at Ningpo. I shall
be [u]delighted[/u] to go if it is possible
& visit our friends at Swatow +
Amoy + perhaps Foochow on the
way. I shall enjoy it [u]ever so much[/u]
if I can go. Then I would
hope that by the time we came
back the building would be ready
to open the girls Boarding school
+ the Training school. I have
four day schools now . In the
village [--at--] Nganpin I have for two

years had such a little school
+ have at last found out
that the reason is because the
teacher was not liked so we
closed that school discharged
the teacher + have found two
new teachers + opened two
schools in different parts of the
village and I hope it is going
to be more successful. I have
only been out once and found
8 in one school and 9 in
the other, and at one place
I should think there were
nearly 100 women. We go
out again day after tomorrow.
We have opened one new school
in the city which although small
yet I think is in a good
neighborhood, and I hope
will prove successful.

Mr + Mrs Whitehead were here
this eve + I gave them our
group for which they send
many thanks. I enclose
a bit of a dress Mrs Dean
sent me + I want to ask
you how you would make
it. I want it made nicely
because I think so much of
the giver. There are ten yards
very wide would you make two
dresses + trim one with blue + the
other with black velvet or would
you trim it with the same + if so
should it be long or short. I
would be glad if you will send me
some more paper cuffs as I have
nearly used the ones you sent. I
shall need them now until the
warm weather is past. Now
goodnight & pleasant dreams ~
[u]Your loving

广州 1871年4月10日 我亲爱的Em, 我恨道歉 你的眼睛和拇指很痛, 我不得不写信告诉你, 我在想你。 我希望我能带走你所有的瘰疬。 / 我想知道你是否和我离开时一样。 / 我敢肯定, 如果您减轻了体重, 您不会告诉我, 但我敢打赌其他人会告诉我。 在所有家庭成员中, 你受苦最深。 我希望听到你很快康复。 我和Henry都挺好的。 如果你给自己拍了照片, 你一定给我们发一张。 除了母亲、父亲和Emily之外, 我们还有每个人的新照片。 我们的新房子正在建造中, 应该在八月份完工。 我会寄给你一份蓝图, 我们认为新房子的计划几乎是完美的。 / 我们认为新房子的计划几乎是完美的。 我希望明年秋天去宁波参加主教会议。 / 如果可以去的话, 我会很高兴 看到我们汕头和福州传教士朋友。 真的, 如果我能去, 我会很高兴。 等我从主教会议回来的时候, 校舍已经完工, 我们可以开办女孩寄宿学校和女子职业学校。 现在我有四所走读学校。 两年了,南平的学校学生一直很少, 我发现是因为学生少。 / 所以我们关闭了那所学校, 解雇了老师。 / 现在我们聘请了两名新教师, / 并在村子的不同地区开设了两所新学校, / 我希望它会更成功。 我参观了那两所学校。 一个有8个学生, 另一个有9个学生, 在一个地方有近 100 名女性。 后天我们再去参观学校。 / 我们在城里开了一所新学校, 它很小, 但在一个很好的街区, 我希望它会成功。 / Whitehead夫妇今晚来拜访我们, 他们非常感激。 / 我要送你一件Dean太太送给我的裙子, / 我想问你知道怎么做这件裙子吗? / 我想再做一件, 因为我真的很喜欢Dean太太。 有十码的布料, 足够做两件衣服了, 你可以在它们两个上都放蓝色饰边, / 或者一个是蓝色, 另一个是黑色天鹅绒, 一件可以长,一件可以短。 如果你有更多的袖口, 请给我一些。 我的几乎都用过了, 现在天气变冷了,我需要袖子。 晚安,好梦 你亲爱的, Hattie。

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Noyes, Harriet Newell, “Letter from Hattie to Em, April 10, 1871,” Letters from Harriet Noyes: Missionaries and Women's Education in Nineteenth Century China, accessed February 29, 2024, https://noyesletters.org/items/show/98.

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