Letter from Harriet to Father, February 19, 1883


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Letter from Harriet to Father, February 19, 1883


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Hattie sends her father a copy of the report of her work during the past year. She explains that Mr. Fulton is in charge of writing this year's mission report. They secured the money for the chapel for the second church. The Medical Missionary Society will take care of half of this money. Dr. Williams will donate another portion while the Local Fund and the Second Church have contributed $300 each. The Sabbath services will be held in the school while the chapel is under construction. A Chinese high official, who is now governor of a part of the province, has some problems with his neck so he called Dr. Kerr. Since Dr. Kerr helped the governor, he believes that he can get a place for a chapel in this part of the province. The mission has been trying to get to this place for a long time.


Noyes, Harriet Newell


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Canton Feb 19th 1883
My dear Father,
I send you herewith
a copy of the report of my
work during the past year.
Mr Fulton writes the Annual
Report of the Mission this year.
There will be I am sure a
very decided advance in all
the items over last year's report.
The money for the chapel for
the Second church is now
secured. The Medical Missionary
Society gives half [?$2300?] dollars
which includes the material
in the present chapel which
will be taken down.
Then Dr Williams gave [?$1300?],
and the Local Fund has furnished $300.00 and
the Second Church has
contributed $300.00 which
makes up the amount.
I hope Dr Kerr will soon

be able to commence
building While it is being built
I presume the Sabbath services
will be held in the school
building. Yesterday we had a
call from a Mandarin. He
is a very high official Mattie
will perhaps remember him
he called once while the school
home was being built. He was
then in office in Canton but
now [--has--] is the Governor of a
part of the province some
thirty miles distant. He has
been recently afflicted with a
carbuncle on the back of his
neck and sent for Dr Kerr
to come and attend him
so now that he is well again
he is very grateful. Tell
Martha he inquired for her
and Miss Ricketts. Dr Kerr
hopes that he may perhaps
be able in consequence of this
to get a place for a chapel
in [?Tai Lemoy?] where this official
resides. The mission has long
tried in vain to get a footing there.

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With much love you aff daughter Harriet

广州 1883你2月19日 我亲爱的父亲 我随同此信给您寄了一份报告, / 那是我去年的工作状况。 Fulton先生写了一份今年组织的报告。 / 我确定, 相比于去年的一切, 这里有很大的进步。 给第二个教堂的钱已经获取了。 / 医疗的传教士组织给了一半(2300)美元 / 包含所有教堂要用的材料。 / / 然后Williams给了(1300)美元, 当地资助300美元, 然后第二个教堂又多了300美元。 / / 我希望Kerr医生可以很快开始建教堂。 / 当开始建教堂的时候, 我想安息日的礼拜会在学校进行。 / 昨天我们有一个政府官员。 / 他很正式, Mattie可能记得他, 他在建设学校的时候来过一次。 / 当然,他是广州的一名官员, 但是现在他在一个省里当省长, 大约离这里有30英里。 / 他最近被被他脖颈上的痈折磨得不轻 / 她请Kerr医生来 帮助他, 以至于他恢复了健康, 他很感激。 告诉Martha, 他询问了她和Ricketts小姐。 Kerr医生希望 他也许可以因为这个事情, 在Tai Lemoy得到一个固定的建教堂的地方, / 组织努力了很久 希望在那得到一定的地位。 【纵向书写】 爱您的女儿Harriet

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