Letter from Harriet to Mary, August 8, 1915


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Letter from Harriet to Mary, August 8, 1915


Mail service; Flood damage; Customs duties; Dresses; Missionaries--salaries; Hospitals; Homesickness; Birthdays; Travel


Harriet asks Mary to tell Martha that Maggie Beaman and Mrs. Newman wrote their affidavits regarding Harriet's hospitalization. Harriet writes that none of them got sick despite the floods. Harriet describes the scenery after the flood, which includes Chinese people crushed under their houses. Electa wanted to send gifts to the United States, but they decided not to do so so that Martha would not have any trouble at Customs. Harriet says that she is doing well with her missionary salary.


Noyes, Harriet Newell


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Canton China
Aug 8th 1915
My dear Mary,
Your good long letter of
Aug 22nd & Aug 23rd, [u] we [/u]
will not forget [u] ever [/u] about that
reaching home ever since we
came back we have both been
[u] homesick [/u]. If I were in Miss
Lewis' place I do not think I
would be starting to China on
my eightieth birthday, she
sailed I suppose Oct 2 at 2 P.M.
and at that time it was Oct 3rd
her birthday here. We would
[u] like [/u] to sleep under a comforter
and two blankets, it is still quite
warm here. Electa is sitting in the
rocking chair fanning herself has
just been dressing a chicken for
our dinner. Tell Martha we
bought it from the hospital, they
raise some chickens for sale.
And also tell her what I forgot

to write in my letter to her that I
did get Mrs Newman and Maggie
Beaman to write their affidavits
with regard to my being in the
hospital, and they were
accepted but only proved [u] five [/u] [u] months [/u]
and it was the last month of the
six they questioned, the letter from
the Persian Commissioner which I left
at home shows this. I wonder if Olivia
and Ruth will come to Canton.
If they do I expect Dr Niles will
take them in we will then
have only five bedrooms for seven
people, and we have to live in our
bedrooms as well as sleep in them.
I am sorry Mr Dunlap has worn
out so, but he is not yet seventy so
perhaps the doctors will think
there is a chance for him.
You will feel relieved when you
know none of us were sick in
consequence of the flood, and
what is wonderful and
unexpected no pestilence followed

instead as I think I have
written the city seemed to have had
a thorough bath. Some however who
afterwards passed through the burnt
district said there was a bad
odor and doubtless some of the poor
Chinese were crushed under the fallen
houses. We have not heard of any
one in any way connected with us
who was killed although some
had narrow escapes by climbing over
the roofs of houses they are so near
together here it is not as difficult an
undertaking as it would be at home.
To change the subject you must
take some of the money I have sent
home to get enough red cashmere or
whatever you wish to make a
wrapper with that shaded red
flannel. The little dressing
sacque pink was the one Electa's
dear little niece Mabel made for
me. She made a blue one like it
except in color for Electa, and
that is at home in her trunk.
Electa wanted to send gifts
for you all, but we did not

want Martha to have any
trouble with the Customs so did
not I am glad Martha
enjoys the new arrangement for
the North bedroom bathroom &c
I wish you may have a
good walk to get to Mrs Kelso's
without fear of autos
I am glad to know that
you have such a fine family
of young heifers. Perhaps they
will sometime "pan out"
well. But if things will not
make money do not worry
I think we can gather up
money for us all to be comfortable
I remember Mrs Dorsey used
to say if she could be sure of
two dollars a week she could
get along. As long as I have my
salary here I do not need anything
else nor all of that, and I hope
the rest of the way we can all
have enough to be comfortable.

[Continued vertically on the first page]
Will write
more another
time now
with love
We wonder
if our letters
are censored
before going
out please
tell what
you receive
Keep the [?ode?] to
the departing P.M.S.S. Co

中国广州 1915年8月8日 我亲爱的Mary, 你8月22日和23日的长信到了, / 我们不会忘记回家, 自从我们回来中国, 我们都很想家。 如果我在Lewis小姐那里 我是不会想到 我会在18岁的时候去中国, / 她10月2日下午两点起航, 然后是10月3日,她的生日。 在这里, 我们喜欢睡着舒服一点的两层毯子下, 它还是很暖和的。 Electa坐在摇椅上, 为我们做了一只鸡当晚饭。 / 告诉Martha 我们从医院买的, 他们养鸡去卖。 也告诉他,我在信里忘记写的东西 / 我知道Newman和Maggie Beaman 他们写了宣誓书, 确定我住院了, 宣誓书被接受了, 但是只能证明我住院五个月, 而不是六个月, 一封我走的时候看到的 来自波斯组织者的信。 我想知道 Olivia和Ruth是否会来广州。 如果她们会 我希望Niles医生可以带她们来, 我们只有五个房间给7个人, 而且我们要住在我们的卧室 和他们住在一起。 我很抱歉Dunlap先生身体不好, 但是他已经70岁了 所以也许医生认为 他有个机会。 你会感觉放松, 当你知道在这个洪水中, 我们没有一个人生病, 而且这很好 也没有瘟疫, 因为我给这座城市写信, 看起来城市被泡水了。 有一些, 被烧过的区 都会有一种很难闻的味道, 毫无疑问, 一些可怜的中国人从房顶上掉了下来。 我们认识的人没有在洪水中丧生, 但有人从一个屋顶爬到另一个屋顶, 才幸免于难。 / 它们离得很近 现在不是很在家难克服。 / 要改变主题, 你必须要花我寄回家的钱 / 无论怎么样, 你希望包的红色绒。 衣服的粉包装 是Electa的侄女最喜欢的一种 为我做的。 她也做了一个蓝色的给Electa, / 那个在家里。 Electa想要给你们送礼物, 但是我们不希望 Martha在海关有任何麻烦 / 所以我们没有送她们。 我很高兴 她喜欢北卧室和浴室的新布局。 我希望你可以和Kelso太太好好地散步 / 不用担心汽车。 我很高兴 小母牛的一家可以这么好。 / 也许它们有时会很有成果。 但是如果不再赚钱, 不要担心, 我认为我们可以团结一致 过上更好的生活。 我记得Dorsey太太过去常说 她每周只能靠2美元生活。 / 只要我在这边有工资, 我不需要任何东西, 而且我希望, 剩下的路 我们可以一起走。 【纵向书写】 我还会写更多 / 现在 再见了 爱你的姐姐 Hattie 我们想知道 我们的信是否 在离开之前 会被审查 请告诉我们 你收到了 什么 保持 学习诵歌

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