Letter from Harriet to Clara, Feburary 24, 1874


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Letter from Harriet to Clara, Feburary 24, 1874


Church; Construction; Writing; Christian education of girls


Harriet writes on her excitement on the approval for the building of a new church and the funds devoted to it. She mentions that Henry drew up the plans and that it should be completed by the following October. Harriet's vacation is coming to an end and she not been able to finish everything she would've hoped to as the girls are coming back next week.


Noyes, Harriet Newell


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1-18 Canton China
Feby 24th 1874
My dear Clara
I am writing up a lot of
"duty letters" as we sometimes call
those we write for societies and
by way of "[u] resting [/u]" will pen a few
lines for you. We are very glad
to hear from your last letters
that Frank & Mother are better.
I wonder how you are all getting
through this winter if you can
keep "warm enough." You have
heard about how much we want
a new church so you will
rejoice with us when you
hear that Dr Ellinwoods last
letter brought permission to
build and says that they will
appropriate 500 dollars towards
it. There are 2000 in the
local fund here which is to
be devoted to the same object
so there is money enough
and nothing to do but go to
work and build it. Henry
has been busy to-day drawing the

plan and has succeeded beautifully.
It will be very much like the
Pres church in Seville in size
and appearance We hope it
will be done by next October
and then we shall be glad
enough. My vacation is
nearly over and the girls will
be coming back next week I
have not accomplished nearly
all that I hoped to do but I
am not very much surprised
that it is so. Lucy is writing
to you this eve so I will leave
"the news" for her to tell. It seems
nice to have so many to help
write. Mattie is sitting at my elbow
writing to Maggie Beattie.
Yesterday I came across a copy of the
lines published in the Woman's Work
and as it contains two verses that
they omitted in printing I thought to
myself "I will send it to Clara" I do
not know why they left out the two verses
they seem to me as good as the ones
published. You must thank Mother
for me for her good opinion of my letter
writing abilities It makes me feel quite
mortified to think what little squibs I
[Written vertically on the page]
send home for I always leave the home letters for odd minutes
or when I have finished the rest and it often seems to me "real mean."
But I suppose it is because I [u] know [/u] you will make all
necessary allowance
Ever your loving


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